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Ten cuidado con cualquier palabra, frase u oración que digas. Puedes llegar a ser un cuchillo, un sabio, un estúpido e incluso un poeta. Mide tus palabras, es tu decisión.

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[Slayers Remix AU] Zelgadis x Amelia - Search for the Cure (by quantumdestiny)

Okay I know I’ve reblogged this once before, but I have WAY TOO MANY FEELINGS about this!!

It tells an entirely new story using clips from every season of the anime, starting with these two meeting and Amelia can I talk about how completely SHOCKED Amelia looks when he tells her his story??

And then they go searching everyfrickingwhere and finally find what they were looking for but Xellos is all NOPE I AM A BAD GUY AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!! And he nearly kills Amelia so Zel gives up his cure to save her!!

And then she’s just so sad like I’m sorry you didn’t get your cure because of me and he’s all no its okay we can keep looking and she’s like YEAH LET’S GO!!!

And just. Three minutes. Three fricking minutes and it tells the perfect Zelame story with included fanservice moments. I can NOT DEAL WITH THIS!!!

—rolls over and dies—

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Noooooo ;o;

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¿Alguno de mis seguidores de buen corazón, que viva en Santiago está dispuesto a ser entrevistado para un trabajo que tratará sobre la falta de reconocimiento al pueblo mapuche? 
Por favor, rebloguear. Es un trabajo importante :) Gracias.



Street Art byDavid Zinn

How cute! Right out of a storybook.

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